Education and Gainful Employment

From The Federal Octopus:
“The rural sections no longer have the postmaster as the lone federal official in their midst; they are now overrun with all manner of agents sent out by the ten great executive departments and by scores of bureaus in Washington to instruct, direct and mould the farming population according to certain bureaucratic standards of morals, education, health, agriculture — matters clearly outside of the constitutional delegation of power to the federal government. These federal agents are not only in the farmer’s fields, instructing him in how to grow crops and raise cattle; they are also in his home teaching his wife how to rear her children; and they are teaching the children how to be homemakers and model citizens in federally-directed organizations known as 4-H clubs — the four H’s standing for Head, Heart, Health and Hand. The more than 5,000 extension agents of the Department of Agriculture alone engaged in these activities, have thus far enrolled as wards of the federal government more than three quarters of a million rural children in these clubs. If Congress will furnish the money — and that is what the Department of Agriculture is striving for — the ten million or more rural children not yet enrolled will be similarly reduced to federal wardship.

“There may be some merit in this governmental direction and entertainment of the children of the countryside, but it is in defiance of the constitutional apportionment of powers, with its design to preserve local self-government in the States.”

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  • The bottom line is that gainful employment will not accomplish the DOE’s goals to protect the little guy. The regulations in Gainful Employment are so strict that For-Profits will not be able to offer a lot of classes or even in some cases offer Bachelor’s degree programs. Because the median income is lower for females and minorities and according to Gainful Employment a Bachelor’s degree conveys a greater increase in earning, they will be unintentionally harmed by the new regulations.

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