The Federal Octopus – Coming Soon!

Coming July 2010

A reprint of the 1933, Third Edition of the The Federal Octopus is coming soon.

The greatest nation ever, founded in 1776 – great because of the limits our founding fathers placed on governmental power.  Are we now faced with the destruction of the greatest  approach to “for the people, by the people”?  Are the steps we see taking place today new, or have they been  on-going?

The Federal Octopus exposes governmental excess and constitutional infringement dating back to 1900.  The author, Sterling Edmunds, in detailing thirty years of excess from 1900 to 1930 predicts the crisis faced today in 2010!

Exposed through example after example, parallels with today abound – examples based on “national emergency”, “financial crisis”, “social education”, “excess spending”, “State assistance” – all of which are leveraged into broader, deeper and more expansive federal programs, State programs becoming subservient, and whole classes of citizens lured from individual independence to dependence.

Check this site regularly for additional previews of the book.  The Federal Octopus will be available in July 2010.

Coming July 2010

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