Scores Bureaucracy Gain – NY Times Headline, 1932

From the New York Times, May 16, 1932

S. E. Edmunds, in Book, Urges Revision of Constitution.

The alarming growth of bureaucracy in the United States in the past thirty years, described by the author as the “Federal Octopus,” the title of the work, is traced in a book by Sterling E. Edmunds, a St. Louis lawyer.¬† Mr. Edmunds declares that while the form of the American system of government, as laid down¬† in the Constitution, remains, “the substance is gone.”

He holds the powers of the Federal government have become practically absolute and that “like a giant octopus at Washington, it has wormed its numberless tentacles around every city and county, around every hamlet and every home in the land, crushing out civil liberty and self-government, and, through the taxing suckers of its ugly prototype, draining the life from all property, from all trade and from all industry.”

Mr. Edmunds suggests a program of constitutional revision, including repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment, and of governmental readjustment to restore the old balance of the Constitution and curb the growing bureaucracy.

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