What Price Freedom?

The price of freedom requires balance. It requires diligence. It requires attention. It requires that we all fight for our freedom, in many different ways, at many different times. Several times a year we remember and praise those who fight for our Constitutional system on the field of battle. During Thanksgiving we give thanks for what we have. Let’s not just watch our elected officials fight the good fight, we must also fight for the proper balance at the local level, within our individual communities.

An observation shared in The Federal Octopus is that our federal government will do many things prompted by the concept of “emergency”. And, once the emergency is passed, the powers assumed by the federal government do not revert to what they were prior to the emergency.

From The Federal Octopus:
“The march to federal autocracy has not only not been halted, it has been greatly accelerated, under the pretext of an “economic emergency”.

This Thanksgiving there is much public and local chatter about just implemented security procedures affecting millions of travelers. These procedures are driven by programs and represent federal powers. As we watch these new powers and programs drop into place, we can reflect on this passage:

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