What Price Freedom?

“Let none be deceived by the plea that the exercise of these despotic powers is limited to two or three years.  All governments reach out to seize power; no government ever voluntarily relinquished it.”

The Patriot Act under the Bush administration seemed “strong medicine” – however, the approach taken to implement these safety programs is not new. A reach out for new, broad reaching powers by the federal government.

The use of “emergency powers” is not new, The Federal Octopus tells us:
“The seventy-third Congress, which met in March, 1933, has given us a peace time counterpart of the “war power”, which may be styled the “emergency power”. Judging from the amazing bills enacted, without debate and without permitting amendment from the floor, and justified as “emergency” legislation, this strange new may be described as that to consolidate the legislative and judicial functions of the federal government in the President and constitute him our supreme ruler, whenever economic conditions become hard and trying for a considerable proportion of our people.

This is certainly not Constitutional.”

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