About TFO

TFO is our acronym for The Federal Octopus, and this site was set up to share the prediction of expansive government and constitutional threats, as told by Sterling E. Edmunds.

In the book, “The Federal Octopus”, Sterling E. Edmunds predicts an ever growing, encroaching federal government. His insights are from the years 1930 – 1933, based on observations and data from the previous 30 years.

While reading this book one gets a good historical overview of the growth of federal programs, and the genesis for some of today’s large federal departments. And, also, it is uncanny how relevant the author’s insights and concerns are to today’s current political climate.

Edmunds writes:
” . . . we observe that, through three decades of progressive usurpation, the “chains” of the Constitution have been broken and the powers of the federal government have become practically absolute; that, like a giant octopus at Washington, it has wormed its numberless tentacles around every city and every county, around every hamlet and every home in the land, crushing out civil liberty and self-government, and, through the taxing suckers of its ugly prototype, draining the life from all property, from all trade and from all industry.”

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