What Price Freedom?


What price freedom? Are the TSA security procedures Constitutional? Many say they are not. Does the federal government have the right to overstep the Constitution to provide safety for the populace? Do we protect the Constitution by violating the Constitution?

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The Federal Octopus is available through various distribution channels.

The primary sales site is through CreateSpace.  We like buyers who use this site because we get to keep a larger royalty.

However, we are very excited about the book being available through other distributors. You can get The Federal Octopus from Amazon.com, from Borders and from Barnes & Noble.

Ordering on-line from CreateSpace or Amazon.com is easy.  For CreateSpace you just go to the book site from one of the links from TheFederalOctopus.com web site.  To order from Amazon.com just do a search for The Federal Octopus.  Look for the colorful red, white and blue cover!

When ordering from a “bricks and mortar” book store (a store you can go walk into), you will have to ask them to place a special order for you.  Even though you can get the book from a book store, they don’t have them on their shelves.  A book has to sell a certain number of copies (many copies) before it gets to sit on a shelf in the  bookstore.

No matter how you get the book, all we can say is: “Get one!  You will find it an amazing read.”