About the Authors

Sterling Edwin Edmunds (1880-1944), attorney and member of the St. Louis Bar, authored numerous books dealing with international law, the U.S. Constitution, and other legal and political matters related to our Constitutional form of government.

A former newspaper man, in 1933 Mr. Edmunds wrote the third edition of “The Federal Octopus,” which assailed the growing power of the federal government.

He was a reporter on the St. Louis Post Dispatch at the turn of the century, later he joined the St. Louis Chronicle, and ultimately became its editor-in-chief.

Mr. Edmunds was born in St. Louis, a son of Sterling Edwin and Mollie Garnhart Edmunds. He attended public schools in Louisville, KY; Benton College of Law, St. Louis, and the University of Virginia, where he received an LL.B. St. Louis University conferred on him an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws.

He was admitted to the Missouri bar in 1906, and in 1918 became a special assistant in the United States Department of State. From 1909 to 1926 he lectured on international law at St. Louis University Law School. He was organizer and director of the National Committee for the Protection of Child, Family, School and Church, a former vice president of the United States Golf Association and a member of the American and St. Louis Bar Associations.

Among his many other books, well known titles include “International Law Applied to the Treaty of Peace,” (1919); “The Lawless Law of Nations” (1925) and “The Roosevelt Coup d’Etat of 1933-40.”

A. Philip Espinosa (Alvaro Felipe Espinosa), the great-grandson of Sterling E. Edmunds, has a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado. Prior to a career spent in health care leadership, where he worked with employee and management teams to support the delivery of quality health care, he served in the U.S. Army, worked at the Pentagon, worked for a White House agency during the term of President Ronald Reagan and at The Library of Congress.

Mindi M. Espinosa, began her career in health care and then chose to dedicate herself to raising a family. She is engaged with various community and church groups. Today she works with her husband on a range of projects, providing research and editorial assistance. She lives with her family in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado.